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» A Large Vessel For Oil » A Layer » A Layer Of Mica
» A Leap » A Left Handed Person » A Length Of About Nine Inches
» A Lesson » A Letter » A Light Year
» A Loud Laugh » A Luminous Phenomena Seen Near The North » A Machine For Lifting Heavy Things
» A Machine For Spinning Yarn » A Mad Dog » A Magnet
» A Maiden » A Man Of Gentle Nature » A Man Of Very Little Knowledge
» A Man Who Has Illicit Relation With A Wo » A Man With Dishevelled Hair » A Market
» A Master Builder » A Mat Made Of Rattan » A Material Noun
» A Material Of Worship » A Maternal Uncle » A Measure Of Length
» A Measure Of The Volume Of Timber » A Measure Of Volume » A Measuring Vessel Having The Volume Of

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